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What is CORENET?

CoreNet is a compound word combining Core and Net. The first half of the word is meant to suggest both a “core” as a center and “Corea” (alternate spelling of Korea), while the second half refers to the network of words. Vocabularies from the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese languages were classified into a system comprised of over 3,000 concepts according to the word meanings. CoreNet is a multi-lingual vocabulary/meaning network that shares the same conceptual system. The same system was applied not only to distinct languages, but also to different parts of speech. As it was anticipated that by doing this, the characteristics of predicates might not be appropriately noted, the verbs and adjectives were connected to the conceptual system, and also to a syntax structure called a “case frame.” Moreover, CoreNet reflects the traditional dictionary information according to the Korean language simplex dictionary, and efficiently combines vocabulary, syntax, meaning, and translation knowledge in order to assist in computer-automated language understanding and generation.

Corenet Search System

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