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CoreOnto OpenAPI

COREONTO API Center offers the major achievements of the COREONTO project through Open API, in order to encourage active cooperation in domestic semantic web research.

OpenAPI Products OpenAPI Description
Ontology Access APIs offers ontological classes and properties developed through the execution of "IT Ontology Infrastructure Technology and Service Development" research.

Various APIs are offered, such as the API for searching the higher/lower classes/properties based on the ontology resulting from the process of ontology construction.

The service suggests data based on the hierarchical relationships between classes by searching through the constructed ontology.
The module that extracts the triple from natural sentences in ontology construction infrastructure is offered as an OpenAPI.
Retrieved triples are saved in JSON format by CoreontoWeb, a web toolkit developed for ontology construction and expansion.

CoreontoWeb API offers the saved triples in JSON format through OpenAPI.
Triples are constructed in 3-Triple format, and users may utilize the constructed results through JSON Parsing.

CoreontoWeb API is composed of the Triple-generating API, the Triple List API that offers extracted Triples, and the List of Triples matched with the Ontology API.
This API offers the instance recognition Service, which resolves the cross-referencing, the main feature of Ontology Instance Generation Tool.
The API extracts the instance information from the input of a Korean sentence.
  • Simple execution steps
  • Input multiple Korean sentences at once
  • Perform analysis procedures, such as morphological analysis, chunking, and cross-referencing
  • Instance ordering and generation
  • Displays the result to the user in xml format
  • SALTLUX offers the OpenAPI that allows access to the ontology of the Knowledge Base through an open platform called SANNOP.


    Here are documents to assist in the use of the ontology and the homepage.
    1. Ontology Manual
    2. Ontology Search and Property Search
    3. OpenAPI Usage Manual

    You can find the information above at Coreonto OpenAPI Center