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+ Project Introduction
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+ Project Result
+ Project Introduction
+ Project Background
+ Project Detail
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Project Background(BORA)

1. Project Outline

1.1 Importance of BORA for Research Completion in Related Fields

With the rapid development of information technology, the global interest in language resources has been increasing. Meanwhile, as Korea’s international status rises and interest in the Korean language consequently increases, the demand for Korean language is gradually increasing. In line with these trends, our project is needed both domestically and internationally for the following specific reasons.

A. Domestic Aspects
    - With the advancement of IT, the development and commercialization of language-related software with the goal of dominating the technology market is being recognized as a means by which to add value to the nation. Therefore, the development and distribution of language resources for researchers in the field at home should be considered at the level of national strategy.
- On this basis, language resources that exceed the means of private researchers should be collected, managed, and distributed free of charge to domestic researchers, and an energetic research environment should be created.
- As language resources that have already been constructed can be customized according to each user’s needs, and can also be copied and distributed infinitely, specialized human resources are required to manage the compiled resources.
- The bank revitalizes the knowledge-based system and language information processing research areas by providing research information, including the software related to the results (thesis), from language resource-based research and development to researchers.
- The bank promotes an active research environment by constructing, improving, and distributing language resources, while maximizing the import substitution effect.

B. International Aspects
    -As it is difficult to construct Korean language resources overseas, their import is not a possibility. In addition, foreign research organizations rely almost entirely on the bank for Korean language resources.
-As intellectual property rights are being increasingly invoked in different countries, each country’s claim for the rights to its domestically-developed software is also increasing.
-At present, Korea’s global status and the global interest in Korean language and in Korean software development are increasing, and as a result, the demand for Korean language resources is also gradually increasing.
-By distributing the resources for a high fee to overseas researchers, we will have an opportunity not only to acquire foreign income but also to show the excellence of Korea’s natural language processing research to the world.

1.2 Relationships with Major Domestic and Overseas Organizations

To strengthen national competitiveness and to achieve future IT development, the bank works in association with the following major overseas organizations to secure new high-quality language resources, which it is constantly upgrading and distributing.

  - Korea (BORA ,Bank of Resource for Language and Annotation)
  - USA (LDC, Linguistic Data Consortium)
  - Europe (ELDA, Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency)
  - Japan (GSK, Gengo Shigen Kyokai)
  - China (Academica Sinica)

1.3 Domestic Importance of Related Materials

- Due to language barriers, it is difficult to construct Korean language resources overseas, and thus their import is practically impossible.
- For this reason, resources for domestic researchers must be collected, constructed, maintained, and distributed domestically.
- Due to the increased interest in the Korean language, there is a high demand from foreign researchers for Korean resources.
- Without a bank through which the research materials can be collected, constructed, and maintained, each private researcher would have to face the challenge of individually constructing the resources.
- Moreover, parallel Korean-foreign language resources are materials that can only be constructed in Korea, and these resources are necessary for research not only on information search but also on machine translation and other related subjects.
- In the case of terminology construction, the resources are examined by specialists in their respective fields, and are analyzed linguistically in Korean. Such resources would promote the standardization of terminologies among domestic and foreign researchers.