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- Natural Language Processing
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+ Project Introduction
+ Project Background
+ Project Detail
+ Project Result
+ Project Introduction
+ Project Background
+ Project Detail
+ Project Result
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Project Detail

This project aims to develop ontology as below.
  • Foundational Ontology: Ontology which can define basic concepts and attributes of knowledge (2006)
  • Foundational ontology: Upper ontology that is applicable to all IT areas
  • IT core ontology: Basic ontology as to u-UT839 strategic areas
  • Foundational ontology of 20,000 words
  • IT core ontology of 30,000 words
  • Building ontology schema (over 28,000 classes)

    * Foundational ontology (over 3,000 classes)
    * Domain ontology (over 25,000 classes)

  • Digital TV/Broadcasting, intelligent robot and home network * Instance tagging (over 25,000 instances)

  • IT Core Ontology: Ontology that is universally applicable and foundational in IT areas (2006, 2007)
  • IT core ontology of 200,000 words
  • Large-scale terminology of frequent use
  • Building ontology schema (over 90,000 classes)
  • MP3, radio, speaker, battery, panel, DMB, cell phone, etc
  • Instance tagging (over 162,000 instances)

  • IT Device Ontology: Ontology for all devices used in IT areas (2008)
  • IT device ontology of 500,000 words
  • Ubiquitous system-related data collection and processing

  • IT Service Ontology: Ontology for services in IT areas (2009)
  • IT service ontology of 700,000 words
  • Integrated definition and construction of IT service ontology and IT life ontology

  • IT Life Ontology: Ontology for IT life available in the future ubiquitous environment
  • IT life ontology of over 1,000,000 words
  • Search IT ontology: Move to IT ontology search

    Diagram: The Concept of IT Ontology
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    Ontology infrastructure   Ontology Inference
    Ontology Instance Creation
    IT Ontology    IT Life Ontology
    IT Service Ontology
    IT Device Ontology
    IT Core Ontology
    Foundational Ontology
    Representation technology   XML    RDF   OWL
    Internet Protocol    URL    HTTP
    Broadband Convergence Network    Broadband Convergence Network

    Research-Major Projects-KORTERM-Project Introduction
    Ministry of Culture and Tourism Project Run by KorTerm

    Project Aims
    (1) Developing standardized terminology database in science and industry areas
    (2) Processing the database into internationally recognized information exchange format
    (3) Hosting international conferences and symposiums for the academic recognition of the terminology
    (4) Publication and information service for the international recognition of national terminology and education of
    (5) Organization and interaction of national/ international researches and institutes of terminology
    (6) Development and implementation of research processes for the terminology standardization