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- Natural Language Processing
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- Semantic Web
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+ Project Introduction
+ Project Background
+ Project Detail
+ Project Result
+ Project Introduction
+ Project Background
+ Project Detail
+ Project Result
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Project Introduction

Research Objectives 

  • The objective of the project is to construct an IT ontology infrastructure, and a service technology based on this infrastructure.
  • The IT ontology infrastructure is composed of core technologies used in semantic web, such as schema design and construction, ontology instance generation, inference, ontology storing and other key technologies.
  • IT ontology service technology development aims to develop the service technology needed to commercialize IT ontology infrastructure.

Research Content

  1. IT Ontology Infrastructure

  • The semantic web makes the intellectualization of the web possible through an interoperable system (ontology) for the standardization of interactions.
  • An ontology expresses human knowledge in a form that is recognizable by a computer. It can provide an intelligent service by modeling a concept logically as a ‘class’ and ‘property’ relation, recording it in the international standard ontology language (Web Ontology Language), and reasoning it to allow the meaning of the data to be shared between human and computer and between computer and computer.
  • The IT ontology that this project aspires to construct is a standard integrated concept system IT ontology that is necessary for meaningful integration in Korean’s main IT field. It is composed of the following parts, according to the range of concepts:
    • Foundational Ontology: the ontology that defines fundamental concepts and properties of knowledge
    • IT Core Ontology: the ontology that can serve as a common basis for all fields of IT
    • IT Device Ontology: the ontology associated with all devices used in fields of IT
    • IT Service Ontology: the ontology associated with the IT services provided by the IT839 Strategy
    • IT Life Ontology: The ontology associated with IT life enjoyed in the ubiquitous environment
  • The IT ontology infrastructure is a key technology required for applying ontology technology to services and solutions, and is composed of ontology schema construction technology, ontology instance generation technology, reasoning engine technology, and high-capacity ontology storing technology.


  2. Semantic Open Platform

  • Develop an open platform for sharing IT ontology and ontology infrastructure elemental technologies.
  • Share research results with web developers and research communities, both in Korea and abroad, through an open platform by servicing the results.
  • Develop browsers and blog plug-ins using the open platform by promoting the use of the research achievements in various environments.


3. IT Ontology Service

  • IT ontology service aims to develop services that use semantic infrastructure technology, and targets both corporations and private users.
  • The semantic web service part constructs an enterprise semantic portal solution for intellectualizing a business organization’s internal data based on a semantic infrastructural service, and uses this as the basis for producing the knowledge needed by the organization.

  • The semantic search agent aims to develop services targeting private users, and develops semantic search services through a variety of channels such as portals, the user’s in-house service (ex, IPTV), and mobile devices.


4. Supervisory and Participating Organizations

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

Korea Corporation


Kyungpook University

Soongsil University, KOREA