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Professor, Choi, Key-Sun

1986, KAIST, Computer Science, Ph.D
1980, KAIST, Computer Science, MS
1978, Seoul National University, Mathematics, BS

He received his B.S. degree in Mathematics from Seoul National University in 1978 and the M.S. and PhD degrees in Computer Science from KAIST in 1980 and 1986, respectively. He is now a full professor of Computer Science Department, KAIST since joining in 1988. He founded the Korea Terminology Research Center of Language and Knowledge Engineering (Korterm, 1998) and National Language Resource Research Center (Bola, 2003) by the sponsorship of Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Science & Technology in Korea, respectively. He was one of the founding members of ISO/TC37/SC4 for the standardization of language resource management, has worked for the secretary position since 2002, and was elected as the vice-chair of ISO/TC37 in 2006. The current major research project is about the IT ontology construction infrastructure and KAIST approved the Semantic Web Research Center for this project sponsored by Ministry of Information and Communication with more than 100 researchers in Korea (2006).

He was a visiting scholar in CSLI, Stanford University in 1997. He worked one year each for NEC laboratories (1987) and for NHK broadcasting research laboratories (2002) in machine translation and knowledge based agent system in Tokyo, respectively. He was a lecturer for Pan Localization in Cambodia (2005).
Tel: +82-42-869-3501,5565
Fax: +82-42-869-8790.

Major Field

  • Korean text analysis, automatic indexing and nformation retrieval
  • Machine Translation, Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • Ontology and Knowledge System
  • Cognitive Science and Culture Technology: Interdisciplinary Research

Research Interests

  • Korean Automatic Indexing System KCP (1991)
  • Corpus development and distribution for Korean language research (1997)
  • Causality relation acquisition algorithm by using language resources (2002, 2005)
  • Korean transcription system (1999, 2001, 2005)


  • Implicit ambiguity resolution using incremental clustering in cross-language information retrieval
  • Justification Probing in Virtually Integrated Lexical Knowledge Base
  • Automatic generation of composite labels using POS tags for parsing Korean
  • Normalizing Syntactic Structures using POS Tags and Binary Rules
  • Effective foreign word extraction for Korean information retrieval
  • A corpus-based approach for Korean nominal compound analysis based on linguistic and statistical information

Invited Talk

  • Japan Natural Language Processing Conference, "Evaluation for Machine Translation", Tokyo (1998)
  • TKE2002 (Terminology and Knowledge Engineering), "Knowledge Restructuring", France (2002.8)
  • PACLIC2003, "Causality-based Inference", Singapore (2003)
  • ICCPOL2003, "CoreNet: Multilingual Semantic Net", Shenyang (2003)
  • Japan Prize Memorial Symposium, "Nat. Lang. Proc. toward Knowledge Processing", Japan (2005.11)

Research Activities


  • ISO/TC37/SC4 secretary
  • TermNet, President (Austrai registered)
  • Int'l Association of Machine Translation, Council Member
  • Association for Asia-Pacific Machine Translation, Council Member
  • IJCNLP (Int'l J. NLP) 2005, Conference Chair


  • Korea Cognitive Science Society, President, 2006
  • ISO/TC37 Korea committee, Chair, 1998-present
  • South-North Korean Language Information Standard Meeting, Organizer (2004/7, 2004/12) with North Korean Ministry of Education, Program Education Center

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