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1. What is Korea Terminology Research Center for Language and Knowledge Engineering (KORTERM)?

Korea Terminology Research Center for Language and Knowledge Engineering (KORTERM) was established in 1998 upon the authorization of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The center began the terminology standardization project in 1998, and completed it in 2007.

The terminology standardization project was conducted to resolve the confusion caused by the disorderly use of terminologies. In the current environment, a term may be used to describe different concepts in different fields, and the use of technical terms has become privatized as a consequence of the information overflow. The project investigated the actual uses of the terms from the corpora of various specialized fields in order to establish a list of terminologies and to derive their standard forms.

In collecting the terminologies, the center obtained agreements from the associations representing each discipline in advance, collected terminologies, and went through a refinement process. The center completed the terminology standardization-based project in consultation with the terminology committees of the relevant disciplines.

2. Purpose of the Research

Under the new Chapter 17 of the Fundamental Law for Korean Language adopted in 2005 ('On the standardization of technical terms, etc.’) , "the state must standardize, systematize, and distribute terminologies used in each discipline to enable the citizens to easily understand and use them conveniently."

The topic of this research, “Terminology Management (Terminology Standardization-based Project)” was promoted for the following research objectives:
  • First: Organize information on the terminologies used in each specialized discipline, the number of which has grown explosively with the coming of the knowledge and information era, and which has been increasingly arranged in database form. Above all, compile a multi-lingual terminology list in Korean and English for each specialized area.
  • Second: Implement the standardization-based project to resolve the confusions in terminologies caused by their disorderly and privatized uses following the information overflow.
  • Third: Compile a list of terminologies by investigating their actual uses based on specialized corpora, and construct a management model that can generate standard forms of the terminologies
  • Fourth: Contribute to terminology management and circulation of standardized terminology uses by developing and servitizing an integrated search system for cross-searching the already compiled terminologies, and tools for providing other terminology related information.
  • Fifth: Raise the social awareness of terminology management by making work plans in compliance with the ISO’s international standard; though scholarly research; by combining opinions and exchanging information in addition to providing methodologies through symposiums and forums; and through education and advertisement using various publications.

  • 3. Center History

     Date Content 

     Authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

     1998.12.04 ~ 05

     2nd Forum on EAFTerm Held

     1998.12.07 ~ 10  Tutorial on Terminology
     1998.12.12  1st Terminology Language Engineering Symposium Held
     1999.07 ~ 08  KORTERM Summer Colloquium '99
     1999.08  First Issue of “Terminology News” Published
     1999.09.10   KORTERM Seminar : "Terminology and Knowledge Representation:
      application to the translation in   medical domain" (Prof. Henry Zingle, Univ. Of Nice-LILLA)
     1999.11.05  NLPRS'99 Workshop MAL'99
    (Multi-lingual Information Processing and Asian Language processing)
     1999.11.19  The 1st International Roundtable on Terminology Held
     1999.11.20  2nd Terminology Language Engineering Symposium Held
     1999.12  Appointed as the ISO/TC37 Terminology Standardization Management Organization
     2000.02  “Terminology Studies 1” Published
     2000.04  KORTERM Yanbian Research Center Established (KORTERMYUST)
     2000.05.29  WTRC2000 (LREC2000 workshop) Held
     2000.07 ~ 08  KORTERM Summer Colloquium 2000 Held
     2000.11  "Terminology Studies 2" Published
     2000.12.09  The 2nd International Roundtable on Terminology Held
     2001.10.19  “High-Capacity Voice (Sound)/Language/Image DB Construction and Standardization” Project Presentation
     2001.11.24  4th Terminology Language Engineering Symposium Held
     2002.02.03 ~ 05  ISO/TC37/SC4 Preliminary Meeting Held
     2002.05.27 ~ 28   ISO/TC37/SC4 Conference Held
    “International Standard for Terminology and Language Resource Management” Workshop Held

    4. Steps and Contents of the Terminology Standardization Project

    Steps  Research Objectives  Research Contents
     Step 1
    (1998 ~ 2000)
     Step Constructing Development Environment and Compiling Foundational Data - Compile terminologies (in Economics and National Sciences)
    - Compose a list of the terminologies in 3 languages
    - Manage and standardize system of terminology development environment
    -Formalize terminologies and expand educational base
     Step 2
    (2001 ~ 2003)
     Expanded Compilation of Terminologies and Practical Application - Compile terminologies (in Economics and National Sciences)
    - Compose a list of the terminologies in 3 languages
    - Expand and maintain terminologies in national sciences and technology
    - Broaden the areas of terminologies, and upgrade their quality
    - Strengthen applicability with language industry
    - Verify high reliability, and distribute
     Step 3
    (2004 ~ 2007)
    Developing the Basis for Automating the Development and Maintenance of Terminologies - Compile terminologies (in Technology and Engineering)
    – Expand and maintain science and technology terminologies
    - Complete a large-scale integrated database for the terminologies in science and technology
    - Complete a blueprint of terminology education
    - Develop application products for the development and maintenance of the terminologies
     Step 4
    (2008 ~        )
     Maintenance Expansion -Localize the terminologies
    -Distribute the terminology integrated database
    -Proceed with continuous expansion and maintenance of terminologies

    5. Project Introduction

    For more detailed information on the Terminology Standardization Project, go to [Research] --> [Major Projects] --> [KORTERM]